May 2017 Frequent Sweaters!

Let’s give a round of applause to our 123 May Frequent Sweaters for their hard work and dedication in the gym this past month! A Frequent Sweater is someone who comes into the gym at least 10 days in the month, and we are continually amazed by your commitment! Keep it up this summer!

Also check out who made the 6×10 (6 MONTHS of 10 visits per month) and 12×10 (12 MONTHS of 10 visits per month) lists!

May 2017 Frequent Sweaters:

  • Alan Lowe
    Alisa Polli
    Alison Winter
    Alyssa Yount
    Amanda Krause
    Amy Williams
    Amy Goodson
    Andrea Lansford
    Andrea Lewis
    Andrea Jones
    Andrew Cuppia
    Angie Hollingshead
    Anne Danish
    Ashley Tillman
    Barbara Adams
    Becky Williams
    Bernadine Mortimer
    Bill Canine
    Bonnie Busbin
    Bryan McFarland
    Cappy Foley
    Carol Dierdorff
    Cathy Costanzo
    Charlie Petry
    Chase Holland
    Christina Imhoff
    Christine Allen
    Cindy Pierson
    Clay Constant
    David Imhoff
    Debra Conner
    Diane Slothouber
    Donna Houghton
    Donna DuBois
    Donna Lowe
    Ed Caruso
    Elaine Paulson
    Eleni Martine
    Elise Hodson
    Erika Cooper
    Erin Nieto
  • Frank Tomberlin
    Frank Cochran
    Greg Pelkey
    Haley Orr
    Helen Hwang
    Hope Tavani
    Iche Wallace
    J Dave Schlueter
    Jay Vignale
    Jeff Traub
    Jennifer Birmingham
    Jessica Martin
    Joann Rodriguez
    Jodi Mekyten
    Joe Braley
    John Makarewicz
    Joni Aden
    June Grindle
    Karin Keuller-Green
    Kathy Vega
    Keisha Childress
    Kellie Holbrook
    Kelly Mastronardi
    Kevin Murphy
    Kim Panther
    Kim Bartholomew
    Kristin Hothersall
    LeAnn Kurey
    Lee Siegel
    Lisa Wayco
    Lokendra Upadhyay
    Louise Clynes
    Lynn Morgan
    Lynn Carlson
    Malinda Parker
    Marianne Carr
    Marisa Berfield
    Matt Polli
    Matthew Steimer
    Michael Hatton
    Michelle Wise
  • Mike Peck
    Miles Murphy
    Nancy Eikenberry
    Natalie Taylor
    Nicolas Cassidy
    Nikki Roberts
    Noel Sitzmann
    Olga Nikolavsky
    Oliandra Ferreira
    Olivia Delvac
    Owen Hodson
    Paul Kopp
    Peter Augusta
    Phil Bartholomew
    Phil Robb
    Rachel Brandeis
    Renee Dunn
    Richard Levine
    Rick Bishop
    Robert Kinney
    Robert Harris
    Shalakay Gibbs
    Shannon Sanders
    Shelby Peck
    Sherry Peters
    Staci Thursby
    Steve Winter
    Susan Booth
    Susan Hardee
    Susan Nickles
    Suzanne Robb
    Tina Kercher
    Tom Stone
    Toni Helms
    Tonya Henry
    Tracy Sardelli
    Travis Wright
    Trey Higgins
    Ty Miller
    Wade Kruse
    Yvette Smith

6×10 Frequent Sweaters
  • Marisa Berfield
  • Susan Booth
  • Andy Cuppia
  • Greg Pelkey
  • Cindy Pierson
  • Natalie Taylor
  • Frank Tomberlin
  • Jeff Traub
  • Iche Wallace
 12×10 Frequent Sweaters
  • Rachel Brandeis
  • Kathy Vega

Thank you ALL for your dedication, and for making Alloy Personal Training your fitness home!


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