Mobility Drill: Lateral Band Walk

The lateral band walk is a great movement that improves hip stability, strengthens the hip abductors – particularly the gluteus medius, which is situated on the outer surface of the pelvis – and increases the stability of the knee joint. A weak gluteus medius is often an underlying cause for knee pain and injury.

The lateral band walk engages many of the muscles that stabilize the pelvis. Doing this exercise before working out can improve hip stability and knee joint stabilization.


  1. Place band around ankles
  2. Assume a half squatted position
  3. Keep feet shoulder width apart and straight ahead
  4. Step out with outside leg and then catch up with the inside leg
  5. Keep hips level throughout movement
  6. Perform 10 steps in each direction
Did You Know?

A strong gluteus medius not only stabilizes the hip, but helps to maintain proper tracking in the knee joint by reducing lateral stress on the knee.


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