No More Pink Dumbbells!

Seriously, you can’t even begin to imagine how many times I still hear, “Oh, don’t give me those heavy weights..I don’t want to get too big.” I understand the concern, but I addressed this scientifically in a previous post. It just doesn’t happen. If you’ll read the aforementioned post, you’ll see that you are more likely to get bulky lifting in the medium range (8-12 reps) than you are lifting heavy (3-5 reps).

This picture of Lauren Brooks, see Pilates Body, demonstrates exactly what I am talking about.


Lauren lifts mostly heavy weights for low reps using mainly kettlebells. No arm curls or triceps kickbacks.

The same goes for our female coaches. You guys have seen videos of Andrea lifting weights that would make a grown man cry and she is leaner than ever before! Additionally, Natalie, Nikki and Rebecca have all lost body fat while adding significant strength and staying out of the 3 sets of 10 training protocol. We have been equally successful with our female clients choosing a set/rep scheme on the heavier side.

So please ladies, understand that it is OK to lift something over 8 lbs without building abnormally large muscles. Lifting heavy is only going to promote more fat burning, butt shaping, lean muscle to your body. Sounds good to me!

See the video below of Rebecca at work!

Look for more videos when our new site is complete.


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