Save the Knees Workout

We get a lot of requests for workouts for people with bad knees who can’t squat or lunge – so here it is!

We know you work hard all week, and the weekend is time to focus on time with family and friends. But, if you can find just thirty minutes (and we know you can!) this full-body workout will leave you sweating and rejuvenated – and kick your weekend off right.

Perform 5 rounds of the following:

  1. Push-up (x15)
  2. Ropes Gone Wild (x20)
  3. Stability Ball Rollouts (x15)
  4. 2 Point Row (x10 each side)
  5. Row machine (250 meters)
  6. Low to High Chops (x10 each side) – here is an example of a half-kneeling low-to-high chop. Don’t kneel if you have bad knees – do it standing!

Remember: we truly have no excuses! If you have any questions, leave a comment or ask us on our Facebook page


Today, on Veteran’s Day, we’d like to send out an exuberant THANK YOU to all of you who have served, and who continue to serve. You are the true warriors, and it is because of YOU that we enjoy the freedoms we have.


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