Overcoming Bad Habits

Michelle Robb’s Success Story

I’ve always lived a pretty active lifestyle, but I had some really bad eating habits. I really love food, and had no sense of moderation. I would justify eating whatever I wanted with “well, I worked out today” or “I’ll workout extra hard tomorrow.”

As a nurse, I worked the night shift, which meant that I was eating my lunch and dinner in the middle of the night. Most meals at these hours were heavy carbs and I would snack on candy or donuts to keep me awake. Then I began graduate school, which meant little time to prepare food – I was the queen of takeout.

About a year and a half ago, the Alloy coaches encouraged me to finally do an InBody – and I was terrified to know the truth. I knew I wasn’t happy with how my clothes were fitting, or how I looked, and I knew I wanted to do something about it… but I didn’t want to actually put in the time and effort. I remember this day like it was yesterday – the InBody gave me the reality check I needed! Not only were my numbers disappointing, but it made me realize how unhealthy I was.

On that day in April 2016, I made significant changes to my nutrition. I was given a piece of advice that I’ll never forget: meal prep should become part of grocery shopping, which is something I’ve passed on to numerous patients when counseling them on healthy lifestyles! I need the convenience of “grab and go” for my busy lifestyle, so now I chop up and prepare all my fruits, vegetables and snacks for the week.  I allow myself to have 3-4 cheat meals a month, so I can still enjoy foods I love. However, even my cheat meals are better than the meals I used to eat regularly. Now that I’ve been on this journey for a year and a half, I no longer constantly desire the “bad” foods, and meal prep is quick, efficient and SO WORTH IT!

I’ve lost inches, weight (a lot of it!), gained muscle and have gone down in clothing sizes, but the greatest part about all of this is how confident, strong and healthy I feel. I love walking out of the gym knowing that I just used a weight that I would have never been able to even pick up in my old life!

I’m so thankful that I belong to a gym that sees potential and believes in their clients. Working out with Alloy coaches has pushed me to become mentally and physically stronger than I’ve ever been. All of the coaches at Alloy hold me accountable, encourage me, and push me toward my goals.

I look back at the person I was a year and a half ago and don’t even know her anymore! Without a gym like Alloy, that girl would still be sitting around eating cheese dip talking about how hard she’ll work out tomorrow.



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