Paul Kopp

paul kopp 2After surviving three surgeries to remove a brain tumor, Paul found himself out of shape and overweight. Understandably, Paul’s activity level was nonexistent. He began training at North Point Personal Training in May of ’03. He was 283 lbs. with a 44 inch waist and very poor balance from the surgery. Not only did Paul lose 64 lbs. and reduce his waist size to a 36, he also improved his balance with functional training so that he could enjoy his true passion; riding his two Harleys. Paul says he is not finished yet! He wants to lose 15 more pounds and increase his arm size. Based on his past success, we have no doubt that he will reach his new goals.

Paul’s workout and nutrition Schedule

• 4 days of weights
• 4 days of cardio
• Eat several small meals with healthy snacks every few hours
• His new changes have now become habits

Paul’s secret to success

Accountability! Paul jokingly admits, “I’m not going to waste my money. If I pay for a personal trainer, I’m going to show up for my workouts and do all of the things away from the gym to be successful.”


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