Pike to Push-Up

Combo Workout Exercise 1

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The Pike to Push-up is an advanced full-body exercise that not only requires a high level of fitness, it also necessitates a higher neurological competence due to the large number of muscle groups involved and the control required to execute this exercise properly. Done correctly, this exercise will strengthen chest, shoulders, triceps and core muscles, improve hip stability and hamstring flexibility. And, requires full body explosive power – put it together and you’ve got an anaerobic, high heart rate exercise! Bam!



  1. Attach Power wheel (or furniture sliders or TRX) to feet.
  2. Place hands slightly wider than should width apart and get into push-up position
  3. Explosively drive your hips up into a V, legs and arms should remain straight.
  4. Lower yourself in a controlled manner to the “push-up position,” keeping your core engaged
  5. Repeat!
Coaching cues:

Pike to PushUp_cues

  • Hands just outside width of shoulders
  • Engage core, glutes, quads
  • V position and slightly pause at top
  • Arms and legs should be straight
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