Single-Arm Susupension Pull Up

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The Single-Arm Suspension Pull Up is a very effective exercise to develop strength and power in your upper back muscles (primarily your lats) as well as biceps and core (remember: your core is front and back!). What’s so great about the suspension pull up is that by simply changing the angle of the straps, it can be progressed for those of you who are looking for the highest level of difficulty, and can regressed for those at a lower fitness level. When you’re doing this exercise, be sure vertically pull your chest to the handle; when we get tired, the tendency is to lift the hips, lean back and start to pull horizontally.

Enjoy, this is a tough one!


  1. Adjust suspension straps so that handles are approximately collarbone height
  2. Shoulders should be down and back, with neutral hand position
  3. Start exercise from the lowered position – sit down and back with a vertical shin alignment
  4. Be sure to keep vertical alignment while pulling; your hand should touch your chest at top position, DO NOT use your legs!

Note: Strap positioned at 90 degrees (straight up and down) is most difficult; to make it easier, take several steps back to align the strap at approximately 60 degrees.


Coaching cues:
  • Neutral Grip
  • Vertical Shin
  • Shoulder down and back
  • Vertically pull to chest
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