Terry Godbold

TerryGodbold 2Terry began working out at NPPT in April, 2008. This year he was turning 60 and wanted to be in better shape, feel and look better, especially at the beach. For over a year, he had been trying to lose weight with his own program and had reduced his weight from 216 to around 200 – but still felt he needed some help.


Strength Training at NPPT – 2x week
Strength Training at home – 1x week
Play Golf – 1x week
Play Tennis – 1x week


Two months after Terry started working out at NPPT, he was diagnosed with borderline Type 2 diabetes and then a year later determined that he needed a hip replacement. Both motivated him to change his diet in combination with the exercise program to achieve his goals on increasing his strength, weight reduction, waist size and the desire to look better. Everyone at NPPT provided Terry with great support and encouragement to achieve his goals.


Terry truly believes that he couldn’t have accomplished what he has so far without the structure and discipline of working with NPPT. Once goals and objectives were agreed upon, NPPT made sure that Terry’s program was moving him in the right direction; helped him reduce his risk of injury and provided him with the positive encouragement that he needed. NPPT explained along the way why they were doing certain exercises which helped him focus on what he needed to do. The only problem with success was that Terry now had to spend money on new clothes since his current clothes were all too big for him!


Terry has achieved his original goal of a target weight of 180 and waist size of 35 inches which meant that he has lost 20 lbs. and 5 inches off his waist in 2 years with NPPT. His blood sugar is under control, and he has a new right hip which has allowed him to start back playing golf and tennis. His goal now is to maintain the weight and waist size, increase strength and flexibility to improve his golf game and continue to develop more defined muscle size for feeling and looking better.


You must combine exercise with proper eating habits to achieve lasting results. Terry learned that he could achieve results in less time with a more focused structure than he could lifting weights for hours.
Patience is number one. It takes years to add on the unnecessary weight or get out of shape, and you cannot expect to achieve your desired results in a short period of time.
Establish short term reasonable and achievable goals as well as intermediate and long term goals. Constantly review them and adjust as you progress. Review your eating habits and make them consistent with your exercise program whether you are trying to lose weight or gain size and strength.

Great job Terry!


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