I am proud to announce that we recently adopted the TRX as the official suspension training tool of NPPT. Those of you that follow us already know they we are huge proponents of suspension training. We use it in our Group Personal Training and in our Personal Training programs. As a matter of fact, we currently have 10 TRX trainers hanging in the gym and at given times, every single TRX is in use. One of my coaches actually suggested that we pick up a few more!

Why TRX? After 18 years in business, I can tell you that we only use tools that are of the best quality and that produce results. There are a handful of suspension trainers on the market, but none can hold a candle to the TRX in terms of quality and value.

Here are just a few reasons to consider the TRX over other suspension tools:

1. Quality– We run a very high end facility in an affluent area north of Atlanta. As such, our clients expect a certain level of quality when it comes to the equipment we provide. The TRX fits the bill perfectly! It looks great and provides more creature comforts (awesome handles) than other suspension trainers. To a person, our clients have commented on how nice the TRX looks and feels.

2. Durability– The latest version of the TRX is literally bomb proof. We owned the original TRX, which was great, but the latest version is even better. With the amount of use that our equipment endures, durability is of utmost importance

3. Ease of use– We conduct well over 2,000 sessions a month, mostly in a semi-private (2-4) format. It is very important that all of our equipment is highly versatile and easy to adjust. Once again, the TRX reigns supreme. With the patented foot straps, quick release buckles and easily adjustable length, we can move seamlessly from upper body to lower body to core exercises.

4. Value– I think it was Mike Boyle who said, “If you only use the TRX for rows, you are saving yourself over $2k on one machine!” Seriously, there is not a single tool that we recommend more often to our online clients or our consulting clients (gym owners) than the TRX. There are an endless number of exercises that can be performed with a tool that costs less than $200.

These are just a few reasons why we chose the TRX. Look for more posts soon on how to use the TRX in your own workouts and/or with clients.



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