Weekend Warrior 2019 Week 18

This Weekend Warrior Workout can be completed within minutes using the entire body. All you need is a single kettle bell. We know turkish get ups have huge benefits, working all movement patterns and as for the bear crawl… everyone could use more ground work. That being said we have combined the perfect duo of full body exercises to give you everything you need in a well balanced training session.

P.S. you will burn tons of calories and sweat like crazy with this one!

Here is the workout:

  • One turkish get up using your left arm
  • Bear crawl to another kettle bell or down and back to the same one
  • One turkish get up using your right arm
  • Repeat
  • Perform as many rounds as you want – it really just depends on the amount of time you have!

Coaches Corner:

  • Click the link to learn the entire turkish get up from a previous post!  http://www.alloypersonaltrainingcenter.com/weekend-warrior-2019-week-15/
  • As for the bear crawl… all arm/leg movement should be contralateral – meaning your right foot and left hand (opposite sides) move at the exact same time.
  • Try to keep each step with both the hands and feet the same distance. You will know if your doing this wrong if when your butt is up in the air – losing your core integrity and your dignity all at once 😉
  • Have fun!


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