Here is a well balanced workout to try next time you hit the gym! Perform 3 rounds (circuit style) of exercises #1-5 (listed below) for 15 repetitions each.

  • 1- Suspension T’s
  • 2- See Saw Overhead (OH) Press
  • 3- Elevator Squat
  • 4- Slider Leg Curl
  • 5-Slider Wax On Wax Off

Coaching Corner:

  • With higher rep  counts we expect fatigue to set in quicker than usual. Feel free to regress the movement pattern if the movements get sloppy.
  • Try and synchronize your breathing with each rep. Exhale during the difficult (concentric) portion of the movement and inhale during the easier (eccentric) portion.
  • Keep your core (ribcage/abdomen and glutes) “locked in” the entire workout. If executed correctly, every exercise should work your core!