No rest for you this weekend after all of that Thanksgiving food! This weekend warrior will rock your socks off!

Complete this circuit as many times as possible for 30 minutes.



1 – Burpee with Push Ups – 10 reps (To regress, take the push up out)
2 – Jumping Split Squats – 10 each leg (To regress, change to a normal bilateral squat)
3 – Pull Ups – 10 reps (To regress, use a band or a weight to do rows)
4 – Jumping Reverse Lunges – 10 each leg (To regress, take the jump out and do regular reverse lunges)
5 – Mountain Climbers – 50 each leg (You can also sub this with Running for 400m or Jump Rope 100x)

You’ll be burning all those turkey calories with this one!