Why FMS?

If you’ve ever been to Alloy Personal Training, you may have seen us measuring our clients’ movement, gone through this screening yourself, or heard us talking about “FMS.” This screening is called a Functional Movement Screening (that’s the FMS!), and it’s something all of our clients went through when they started at Alloy. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been updating all of our clients’ FMS. But why do we use the FMS?

The FMS measures fundamental movements that are key to daily life. It scores individuals in a simple way to determine if their movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional. This helps us build personalized workouts for our clients!

FMS was created by Functional Movement Systems, an education company that produces and promotes principles and methodologies to enhance movement as individuals engage in physical activity. The FMS is successfully used at Alloy and within professional sports organizations around the world including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and English Premier League Soccer. That’s pretty great company we’re in! FMS gives actionable steps to help people around the world first move well; then, move often!

Having a proven, scientific screen that allows us to apply our programs to our clients appropriately is vital. We HAVE to have a way to measure movement and it has to be part of ongoing client progressions. FMS gives us this ability.

IMG_6690What does this mean to you? Well, FMS shows us where you are with your body movement; where your strengths and weaknesses lie, where you can improve, and what we should avoid. It also gives us real comparables – seeing where you began and where you are at each screening. We use what the FMS tells us to keep you, our clients, safe in your workouts by removing certain exercises that could hurt you – based on how you move.

Your FMS score, as well as your InBody results, will be loaded onto the Alloy training app, so you’ll be able to follow your progress. This is just another tool for us to help our clients reach their goals!


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