Don’t have time to make it to the gym? Try this 15-minute, total body, no equipment necessary, at-home workout (that’s a mouthful!)If you have a little more time, do it twice!

Here’s what you need: a timer

This is a “Top of the Minute” workout: you have 1 minute to complete the stated number of reps of each exercise. If you finish in less than a minute, you can rest until the top of the minute. Perform each exercise in order for 3 rounds (5 exercises = each round is 5 minutes). Be sure to set your workout timer to 1-minute intervals.

Remember: the quicker you finish an exercise, the longer you have to rest. Have fun and let us know how it goes!

15-Minute Workout:

  • Pushup x20
  • Jump Lunges x20 (total or each)
  • Bird Dog Plank x 20 (total or each)
  • Touch Down Squats
  • Run 50 yards (25 out, 25 back)


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