Afterburned Again


…By Anthony

We have two awesome team training classes here at North Point Fitness: Afterburn & Industrial Strength.  I am not sure how you guys feel about it but I think that the Afterburn class is the hardest workout that we have in the gym!  Now I train 3 times per week mixing heavy lifts based on what we coach our clients to do at the gym but I steer away from Afterburn for a few reasons:

Reason 1: Schedule

Since I work from 5a-12p every day I never have the opportunity to jump into a class and get down and dirty with the rest of the group which I think would be awesome!  I used to do so back when I wasn’t so busy on the floor but that was years ago.

Reason 2: Preference

I have a lift heavy $#@% and leave kind of workout attitude.  I measure my progress and maintain my level of fitness by how much I can lift and not how much I weigh or by body measurements.  This works for some of us but it is not for everyone.

Reason 3: Near Death Experience

The very last time that I tried to jump into an Afterburn class with the group I thought I was going to die!  I only have 2 speeds…sleep & all out so when I tried getting after it in an Afterburn class the room started to spin half of the way through and I was forced to tap out.  Yeah, I can admit it, I tapped out of Afterburn!

I tell you all of this because I recently changed my tune.  Eric developed a cool new Afterburn class and I taught it one Monday morning.  It was so cool that I decided to try it for myself when my shift ended since it was pretty much a do-it-yourself workout.  I only needed the clock so I set it up and went to town.  Instead of grabbing a few different weights I just grabbed a kettlebell that I knew I could use for EVERY exercise and made sure to keep my repetition numbers at a minimum level throughout the workout.  THE RESULT…I loved it as it kicked my butt like I knew it would and no, I did not almost pass out.  I was so excited that I wrote the workout down and will be doing it EVERY Monday to kick start my week!

For all of those who already take Afterburn I commend you for completing the hardest workout we have in the gym on a regular basis.  It is by far the best option in the gym for burning fat and getting you to your goals.  Even if you aren’t looking to burn fat your cardiovascular system will be put to the test each time so adding it to your training regimen is a must!


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