Since 1992, Alloy Personal Training Center, a premier personal training facility in Roswell, GA, has been home to adults, youths and athletes looking to take their fitness and nutrition to the next level. Our internship program is looking for the most passionate and committed individuals interested in gaining the knowledge and experience to create GREATNESS in themselves and in others. This elite-level internship is for serious individuals looking to enter the field of personal training. Our goal upon completion of this internship is to provide you with the knowledge and ability to immediately begin training and coaching at a high level. Although we only hire three times a year (early January, late May, and late August), we are always accepting resumes and inquiries.

The comprehensive Alloy Personal Training Internship program exposes you to many areas in the fitness profession, below are some of the highlights that you will experience during your internship.

  • Semi-Private Training (2-4 clients)
  • Group Personal Training
  • Introduction to the Functional Movement Screen
  • Introduction to our business systems and marketing strategies
  • Basic understanding of the Precision Nutrition coaching philosophies
  • Mastery of the 8 Movement Patterns in Strength Training
  • Overall understanding of a basic dynamic warm-up, corrective exercise, and self-myofascial work
  • Proper understanding of energy system development and metabolic conditioning
  • Proper guidance towards attaining the right certifications and continuing education components
  • Weekly assignments which include reading, writing, and video reviews
  • Understanding of proper exercise programming
  • Weekly hands-on class setting learning
  • And so much more!

The Alloy Personal Training Center internship will require attendance at our weekly mandatory technical meeting. Standout performers in this program may be considered for hire at Alloy Personal Training Center. Applications accepted at any time. This is on a first-come, first serve basis.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to: Joe Rummell at [email protected]

Check out one of our Alloy Intern testimonials:

I began my internship/mentorship with North Point Fitness, now Alloy Personal Training Center in Roswell, Georgia, after having been a client there for three years. Under the internship programs leadership and instruction, I selected the National Academy of Sports Medicine as my certifying program and began my studies to become a personal trainer. Alloy suggested that I serve the internship/mentorship concurrently with my coursework so that I could gain hands on experience to aid and reinforce the information that I was reading, studying, and being tested on. So, along with various groups of college students, this 45 year old woman began a new path in life.

The internship provided me an opportunity to sharpen my technical skills on the gym floor alongside veteran trainers in the real life setting in which I hoped to become employed. I was allowed and encouraged to question other trainers and gym staff on how to best serve our clients and fellow employees. I was also afforded opportunities for professional development through training seminars and weekly coaches meetings.

My college degrees prepared me to teach and counsel, and those things do come in quite handy as a personal trainer. But what I learned from the internship was how to blend my educational background with my love of fitness and overall well-being through functional athletic training programs and techniques. During the internship, I learned the daily operational routines of the gym, the scheduling, the workouts, and the paramount focus of relating to the clients and meeting the personal fitness needs of those who build and sustain our gym.

~Kim Bartholomew, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Alloy Personal Training Centerintern1

For more information about Alloy Personal Training Center, visit www.alloypersonaltrainingcenter.com

More testimonials:

My internship at North Point Fitness/Alloy Training Center was an awesome, very engaging educational experience!  I can’t thank the staff enough for providing such a valuable program!  The trainers at NPF/Alloy are all very well educated and genuinely passionate about their practice, it’s great to be immersed in such a positive and successful gym culture where all the team members have your best interest in mind at all times.  I came into the program with very little real-world experience teaching clients how to safely work out; even though I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science, we didn’t receive a lot of instruction about actually training an average human.  Thankfully the NPF/Alloy team provide a real-world experience with world-class instruction to catch the clueless college grads like me up to speed!  I can’t recommend them enough!

  • Brasuell, KSU, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

I remember the first time I walked into Alloy. I felt the way that most people feel when they show up for an interview in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by a bunch of people they don’t know – nervous! Two steps in the door and I was welcomed by smiling faces and felt, almost instantaneously, like I belonged there. That brings me to one of the greatest things I learned as an intern at Alloy: how to function as a team. That sounds like a simple task, unless you have tried to run a company, or even just tried to be a team member in a company that isn’t operating at its full potential, and then you’ll appreciate how amazing it is when done correctly. I was captivated by their day to day operations, how they treated each other, and how passionate they were about their clients. Their client retention seemed to stem organically from their genuine concern about their clients success.  It was like walking into a big party every day, except instead of board games they had tough workouts, and everyone sincerely wanted to be there. During my time at Alloy, my knowledge about nutrition, exercise programming, client retention and what it really means to be strong grew dramatically. Personally, I feel my internship experience was unmatched. Alloy is truly a unique and inspiring place, and the things you learn in your time with them will carry well into your years in the fitness industry whether in training, business operations or just life in general. You’ll be glad you learned from the best.

  • Grace Blane McMahan

I interned at Alloy Personal Training Center during senior year of earning my B.S. in Exercise Science. As many college students can relate, it often requires time working within your field of study to determine and solidify your career priorities. Interning at Alloy provided that opportunity and experience. Through this program, I was given the chance to put my classroom knowledge into practice, in addition to learning a whole lot more about the field of health and fitness. This program challenges interns while providing applicable skills such as exercise programming techniques, proper warm-up methods based on mobility, movement modifications for clients with injuries and/or limitations, client relations, and overall industry knowledge. The involvement I had extended beyond shadowing the trainers, but I was also given the chance to personally work with clients. Although simply an intern, I was made to feel like part of the team and family, which speaks volumes about the wonderful culture at Alloy. All of the trainers invested time and energy into helping me learn, plus the entire staff has genuine interest for the wellbeing of each individual member, and the community feeling is tangible immediately. Having this internship equipped me with invaluable skills and confidence to further my career in health and fitness. I am grateful and blessed to have had this experience!

  • Lindsay, KSU

I interned at Alloy Personal Training Center my senior year of college in the fallsemester of 2015. This was one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. I grew up playing sports and started getting serious in the weight room when I was 15 years old. From the first day that I stepped into the gym I realized that I was about to learn more than I ever thought I would, despite my 10 years of exercise experience and college education. Alloy Personal Training Center does not have machines, benches, squat racks or other equipment that you are accustomed to seeing in many other fitness facilities. I thought to myself, “How do you even workout here?” From that point on I knew that I had a lot to learn and if I wanted to be successful. I had to learn how to change the way I thought about equipment and space. APTC taught me the ins and outs about functional fitness training in a very hands-on manner and how it not only helps your day to day activities, but helps you become a better athlete as well. The whole staff was very welcoming to me during my internship and always answered any questions I had and they were all outstanding role models. I became friends with everyone in the gym from staff members to clients and it really changed the way I view personal training. They taught me that you have to put the personal into the title “Personal Trainer” and if you show that you really care about someone then you will gain their trust and be successful. I had such a valuable internship experience and I would tell anyone who is looking to do an internship to go to APTC. You will not regret it!

  • Ronnie Denmon, B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of North Georgia