Cindy McAndrew

cindy mcandrew 2Fifteen years ago, Cindy McAndrew’s daughter used the mother-daughter “bonding experience” angle to convince her mom to join a gym with her…and to foot the bill! Luckily, the plan had another effect–Cindy realized how much she enjoyed the “gym” experience.

Commitment to working out can be a real obstacle for some. But today, after having the support of her trainer, Andrea, at NPPT for 6 years, Cindy continues to enjoy the way that exercise makes her look and feel. “I love the energy working out gives me. It also allows me to control my weight since I have a huge appetite!”

Cindy ranks health and fitness as high on her list of long-term goals. Her future plans will always include working out on a regular basis. NPPT is helping her accomplish that goal.

After working out with weights for over 10 years, Cindy is confident that she has the skill to do it on her own, “but working out [at NPPT] challenges me and forces me to push my limits. I also like that Andrea and Rick stay on top of current trends.”

Cindy’s Workout and Nutrition Schedule

• Weight training at NPPT 2 times a week
• Pilates 1 to 2 times a week
• Cycling class (60 mins.) 3 times a week
• Step class (60 mins) 2 to 3 times a week

Cindy’s Secret to Success

Cindy jokes, “Never worry about looking foolish–no one cares and no one is looking!” She also advises to not expect proficiency overnight. “With consistency and commitment, what once was a chore becomes an absolute pleasure.”


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