Staying healthy and exercising has always been something I have tried to incorporate into my daily schedule. But, until recently, it was never a priority. Often, I would find myself focusing on my family or my job first instead of myself.

About four years ago, I decided to purchase a road bike and began cycling – something I had wanted to do for a long time. I loved every minute on the bike and jokingly calling it “my therapy.” But, I realized that even with all of the cardio I was doing between outdoor cycling and spin class, I was still struggling with speed and hills and also wasn’t reaching my weight goal.

Between my desire to become a better cyclist, my goal to lose weight and my determination to not let arthritis affect me like it has affected my mother, I decided to add strength training to my exercise routine. I was a bit apprehensive to start, since I really wasn’t sure if I could do the workouts, but excited for the challenge.

I am so glad I gave it a try, because not only have I become a stronger cyclist, there have been many other rewards. I am definitely much stronger, I’m performing exercises I never thought I would be able to do, my weight is dropping, my energy level has increased, I am more confident, I have a greater desire to eat clean and, overall, I feel great!

Scheduling my workouts on my calendar and working with a trainer has helped me to be accountable – I don’t miss a session! I look forward to each and every workout and love the sense of accomplishment I feel after. I never thought I would say this, but my workouts are one of my favorite parts of my day!