Want better glutes?  Then the Contralateral Single Leg Deadlift (CL SL KB DL) is the exercise for you!  This movement will build strong glutes, hamstrings, core, as well as stabilizing muscles, all of which will improve your balance and like we said, your butt!  Additionally, this is one of the best exercises for athletes as it trains the single leg movement pattern and forces them to stabilize their pelvis.  A word of advice, DO NOT go long periods of time WITHOUT doing Single Leg Deadlifts!


  1. To train the left leg, hold the kettlebell in the right hand
  2. Slowly hinge at the waist by sticking your butt back and slightly bending your front leg, your back foot should high five the ceiling.
  3. Keep your shoulders back, and your spine neutral from your head through your butt at all times.
  4. your eyes should follow your body