Eleni Martine

eleni martine s 2The “Inspiration” goes to Eleni Martine!

Eleni began training with Rick over 15 years ago before NPPT first opened. Over the years, Eleni’s goals have significantly grown from power lifting her way to becoming extremely fit, and now training to maximize her soccer performance. Playing since college, she is now part of an elite-level over 40 women’s competitive soccer team.

Eleni’s Workout Schedule & Nutrition:

• Weight train at NPPT – 2-3 days a week
• Soccer training 1 day a week
• Soccer game 1 day a week
• Always makes sure she has enough calories to fuel her for soccer

Eleni’s biggest accomplishment was about four years ago. She began an intense training regimen with Rick three days a week. The workouts included speed and conditioning drills at Centennial High School. Eleni states, “It was awesome & I was in the best shape of my life!” That summer her team went to Hawaii and competed in the Over 40 Women’s National Championships. Even though the team didn’t win, Eleni earned the title as her team’s Most Valuable Player.

Eleni’s Secret to Success

Eleni states that her secret to success “is my competitive nature. I want to improve or at least maintain my fitness level as I get older. I also enjoy the variety of my workouts. With over 15 years of training with Rick and the other trainers at NPPT, I have never been bored. NPPT always mixes up the workouts and pushes me to my limits.”


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