Enough About Fat Loss!

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Nope. Sorry, but the reason that 80% of people exercise is to manipulate their body mass in one way or another. The number one reason- fat/weight loss.

So here ya go:

From Brad Pilon


Here’s the real truth about weight loss.

You don’t need to understand hormones to lose weight.

It doesn’t require that you understand HOW fat is oxidized.

In all honestly it doesn’t even require you understand the
difference between protein, carbs, and fats…

You just need to find a comfortable way to eat less.

Learning about the newest discovery in weight loss science, whether
it’s stuff like Leptin, FGF-21 or some other hormone…it doesn’t
change the way your body loses fat.

Just because it’s new to you, does not make it new to your body.

“New” hormones aren’t new to your body. They’ve been there the
entire time.

In other words they are ‘new’ to us, but not to our bodies.

There are no secret weight loss techniques that cause you to burn
15,243% more fat.

In fact, there are no secrets at all. Your body has this whole
“weight loss” thing figured out.

There are no catches or tricks. It is a physiological process, just
like how your liver or kidney works…meaning the actual inner
processes are completely out of your control, but are running

The bottom line is this: Far too many people ‘read’ weight loss
research as a form of entertainment. Mostly, they’re looking for
good marketing.

They end up spending way too much time theorizing about what MIGHT
work, instead of concentrating on what’s BEEN working this whole

Eating less, moving more.

Your body knows how to lose fat, you just need to give it the
opportunity to show you what it can do.



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