Exercises You Should Be Doing- Rockers

wwf2520rockers 1

Not those Rockers, but Rockers.

Benefits– great anti-extension exercise. This is a killer core exercise for such a small range of motion.

Execution– We are demonstrating the rockers with the TRX. You can also perform these on furniture sliders or with a power wheel. This one is all about spinal integrity. Tighten your legs and glutes. Next push the floor as far away from you as possible with while keeping your arms straight. Once in the correct position, simply “saw” with your body back and forth without letting your posture collapse. No floor humping!

Progressions– Range of motion. Newbies should simply hold the top position for a timed interval.

Especially good for– Anyone who needs a little variety in their program. this makes a great alternative to traditional planks.

Include some anti-rotational exercises and you have a complete core workout.



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