Exercises You Should Be Doing- Tiger Push-ups


not THAT Tiger

Benefits: You guys know I love push-ups. One of the great things about the push-up is that there are endless variations. You are only limited by your imagination. The tiger variation is a little more advanced and makes the regular push-up tougher, particularly for the triceps.

Execution: Start with a relatively narrow grip. Lower your chest to the floor, but don’t rest. While hovering, shift your weight back until your elbows are now on the ground. Shift back to the hovering position and return to the top.

Progressions/Regressions: Add a weight vest to make these tougher. If you struggle with normal push-ups, try these on your knees.

Especially good for: Tigers of course! Also, great as an upper body finisher or a pre-Friday night arm pump. Can I get an Amen from the single fellas?



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