Exercises You Should Be Doing- TRX Rollouts

Benefits: Great anterior core exercise! One of the main functions of your “abs” is to reduce spinal extension (sway back posture). In my opinion, the rollout is the best exercise to challenge that function. Also, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the “feedback” the next day when sitting out of bed hurts like….

Execution: from the knees (yeah- there are some internet heroes that do one arm from the toes, but at some point, it’s just circus tricks) set up with your wrists straight, your shoulders away from your ears and your butt tight. Try and maintain this posture throughout the movement. Also, keep your feet down on the ground and your ankles dorsiflexed (toes pulled up). Keep the reps low at first and work on the quality of the movement rather than just cranking through reps. We have our newbies start with just a hold for 10-20 seconds.

Progressions: Range of motion or reps. Simply add reps or rollout farther

Especially good for: Everyone! We all need more core strength and some version of the rollout should be a staple in your program.

Remember, if you really want great looking abs, you must have very low levels of body fat. There is one certain exercise that you should perform every single day. This magic exercise is aptly named Push-Backs and it involves pushing away from the table a little earlier that you normally would. This is the only thing that I guarantee will make your abs look great!



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