Hey weekend warriors!

This 3×2 workout (3 groups of 2 exercises) is built to make you functionally strong. What does that mean? Well, we want you to be able to comfortably do the things you do in your every day life. You’ll doing exercises that resemble movements you make every day (think: bending over to pick something up, carrying your computer bag). You’ll move in all directions, combining moves to work your total body, as well as lifting weights. But don’t be fooled: this is a TOUGH workout!

Complete each pairing before moving on to the next

Group 1

  • Single Leg Dead Lifts 5×5 each leg (5 reps, 5 sets each leg)
  • Push ups 5×5 (5 reps, 5 sets)
    • Add weight to your back or make explosive if looking for something extra!

Group 2

  • Chin ups 5×5 (5 reps, 5 sets)
    • Add weight if you’re feeling strong!
  • Single-Leg Squats 5×5 each leg (5 reps, 5 sets each leg)

Group 3

  • Power wheel rollouts 3×10 (10 reps, 3 sets)
  • Double arm farmers carry 3×30 yards (3 sets, 30 yards each)


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