Jenifer Phillips

Jeniferphillips 2Jenifer has always been an exercise hater and nonchalant dieter, so her story is nothing short of a miracle. She has been a client of NPPT for a very long time and was always happy to come in twice a week, exercise a little and chat even more. She was satisfied that her attendance was meeting the recommendation of exercising twice a week. However, in July 2010, Jenifer experienced one of life’s turning points.

During her regular session with her trainer, Joe, she expressed frustration of never seeing any results for her efforts. Joe questioned her eating habits, and although her eating habits were not perfect – they weren’t terrible. Jenifer explained that she often had blood sugar swings and when she experienced energy crashes, she goes for the carbs. Joe immediately asked the date of her last blood sugar test. It had been just a few months since she had a fasting blood sugar test and it came back normal. Joe suggested she should schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist to be tested for insulin resistance. Upon his recommendation, Jenifer met with a doctor that week and after very thorough testing, Jenifer was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Considering that Jenifer’s dad had died from diabetic complications when he was her age, “the gun was placed to her head”.

The doctor prescribed a diabetic medication and told her to come back in three months. Knowing that she needed to alter her diet, Jenifer met with Natalie, NPPT’s registered dietitian, for a diet consultation. Jenifer switched from her Starbucks habit and started drinking a low-glycemic, fat burning coffee and for the first time ever, was motivated to take her exercise seriously.

As a result of Jenifer’s lifestyle changes, she has lost 16 lbs. in about 3 months!


• Strength Training at NPPT – 2x week
• Exercise Bike – 20 minutes 4 to 5x week
• Corrective Exercises – 4 to 5x week


Jenifer’s key to motivation was finding out she was pre-diabetic. She is knowledgeable about the risk of diabetes to get serious about adopting a much healthier lifestyle of diet and exercise.


Jenifer is forever grateful to Joe Rummell for being astute and concerned enough to investigate the reason his client was frustrated and stagnant. Whenever Rebecca sees Jenifer huffing and puffing on the bike, she comes over and gives encouragement. She even made Jenifer a high energy CD to work out with.


Jenifer’s goal is to lose another 15 lbs. and to make exercise a lifelong habit. So far, watching her diet and increasing her exercise hasn’t been too difficult.


Jenifer feels that as an overweight, out of shape, middle aged woman – if she can do it, anybody can! Making positive changes for your health is the best gift you can give yourself!


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