My Journey: A Fitness Family

Erin Nieto’s Fitness Journey

I haven’t always been avid in my workouts. In my early 20s, I realized how important fitness was to my overall mental and emotional health. I started running and doing weight lifting, but found that I was always more consistent when I was a part of a group.

Before coming to Alloy Personal Training Center, I went through some major life changes: my husband and I moved to the Roswell area and I became pregnant with and had our first child. With those two life changes, I put off joining a fitness facility and instead kept to cardio and tennis. While those forms of exercise were great, I felt I was missing something important.

After I had my son, I knew it was time to reintroduce some structured fitness back into my life. I walked into Alloy and started right away – and I haven’t looked back! With Alloy, I’ve noticed such a change in my body and my overall strength. My endurance and drive to come to the gym every day has been the primary reason for my physical change, but I also see a mental and emotional change – I feel better and accomplished after each workout!

Now in my second pregnancy, I’ve continued to work out consistently. I decided with this pregnancy not to make excuses and quit because I needed to “rest and take it easy.” As long as my doctor says, I’m good, I will continue to work out at Alloy!

The staff at Alloy is excellent and they keep me on my toes, challenging me to push myself further and motivating me when I need it. I also loved the people that I see on a weekly basis in team training, who I’ve really connected with – Alloy is my own little fitness family!


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