Joylita Ladson’s Success Story

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Jolita’s 8 week accomplishments:

Lost 26 lbs!
Went from a size 12 to a size 8!
Increased her strength on SL squats from 0 to 20+!

Here is the story as told by Jolita.

I started exercising for the first time “EVER” on December 21, 2009. I decided on a personal trainer, because I had no idea how to exercise. I figured maybe some jump and Jacks, Sit-ups, and running, but I wasn’t sure. I just knew that I had just given birth to my third child and my body did not want to cooperate like it did with the other two. I had been working out twice a week, but I increased to 3 times per week starting. March 1. When I’m at home, I try and squeeze a little exercise in, but it’s difficult with the kids.

There are several things that keep me motivated. First and foremost, there is my trainer Ross, who always checks in with me and notices all the changes. When I start to get pooped in the middle of a work out he reminds me why I started and what my goals are. Sometimes I think he purposely schedules me with “In shape clients” just to make me work harder. Secondly, there are all the swim suits that I bought for my anniversary trip to Miami in 23 days{and counting}. Finally, my biggest motivation is my 5 year old who always manages to try and get me to buy every weight loss product on the market. Whenever a commercial comes on, she screams at the top of her lungs calling me from the other sides of the house to tell me if I buy xyz product I can look like the person on TV. Personally I think it’s her way to get me to do some extra cardio by running through the house like a mad woman.

When I first started with NPPT, my diet wasn’t bad but it was far from good. I sat down with Natalie and made a few minor adjustments and now it’s become a way of life for me. My entire family is eating healthier and not even complaining about it….. f course I still have to make pit stops for Happy meals, but over all, we’re eating healthy together. Stay tuned for pictures from Miami.

Great job Jolita!



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