Each month, Alloy Personal Training Center donates towards a local charity. It’s been an awesome and motivating business structure for our entire team! This month we gave toward Children Read Atlanta, a group that collects gently worn or new pre-k children’s books and gets them in the hands of low-income preschool children who would not have books otherwise.

Children Read was founded by 82 year old Marlene Zeiler in 2013.  She is an incredible woman and has a wonderful group of volunteers. In 1979, she left the world of teaching and training in order to start Tall Tales Book Shop, an independent book store, which she owned and operated and ultimately sold in 2013. Then, inspired by the Children’s Book Bank in Portland, Oregon, a pioneer in distributing free books to low-income pre-school children, she started Children Read to perform the same service in Atlanta.

Children Read seeks to encourage family reading. Research has shown that adults with low literacy levels can improve their own reading skills as well as that of their children through active family reading. One of the goals is to help break the cycle of poor literacy from generation to generation.

Thanks to all of our amazing members for making this possible! Check out Children Read Atlanta on Facebook!
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