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What a redneck says before he takes a run at this icy hill, “hey boy, watch this”

By Rick

We finally completed ice fest 2011 in the ATL!! In case you live under a rock, we were paralyzed for nearly a week with icy roads. As usual, every challenge presents an opportunity and the weather provided just such a challenge.

By chance, I had taken home a 24kg (53 lbs) kettlebell to use for a home circuit just a few days before the storm. Once we relented to the fact that we weren’t going to go anywhere, we pulled out our KB and got to work. One only had the one KB so we mainly did circuits and complexes. Andrea usually uses lighter KB’s, but you gotta use what you got!

Unfortunately for me, she had no problems with the bigger bell. This meant that I had to double her reps on all exercises just to keep my man card (not easy). By the end of day three both Andrea and I agreed that we had performed some of the best workouts we had in weeks. Why? Easy- less choices. We were forced to stick with the basics: squats, swings, presses, push-ups, planks, and rows. These are hands down the most effective exercises and having just one tool forced us to focus on the basics. Brilliant!

What’s that? You don’t have any equipment at home? No sweat. Check out the links below to body weight workouts Anthony posted on our Facebook page for clients too follow. Based on the feedback, these were not easy!

Snowstorm 2011 Deck of Crads Workout #1

Snowstorm 2011 Deck of Cards Workout #2

Snowstorm 2011 Cabin Fever Prisoner Workout

Less is more. No equipment? No problem. You may just end up getting a better workout!!



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