What makes our gym different than all others? It’s our incredible members! That’s why we LOVE celebrating anniversaries – to thank the most dedicated and loyal clients in the business!

This March, we want to say a loud and proud “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us, year after year:

  • 2006 (12 years): Joann Rodriguez, Pam Scudellari
  • 2008 (10 years): Richard Terry
  • 2009 (9 years): Lee Siegel
  • 2010 (8 years): Darryl Keeler, Staci Thursby
  • 2011 (7 years): Beverly Friday, Elise Hodson, Luis Perez
  • 2013 (5 years):  Adam Danish, Kristin Hothersall, Richard Levine, Randy Spence, Marvin Woodward
  • 2014 (4 years): Christine Allen, Leigh Ann Bishop, Susan Booth, Trey Higgins, Rich Houghton, Matt Polli, Kim Vignale
  • 2015 (3 years): John Chihlas, Donna Dubois, Shannon Heotaky, Curt Howard, Misty Rothermel, Marcus Rutsche, Frank Tomberlin
  • 2016 (2 year): Andrea Lansford, Bryan McFarland, Stephanie Miller, Radha Vallinayagam
  • 2017 (1 year): Barbara Brown, Terry Brown, Margaret Cash, Patricia Pekatos, Alison Webb, Michelle Wise


Thank you all for trusting Alloy Personal Training. We do what we do because of you!