“The worst I have ever seen.” These were the words of my doctor as he reviewed my blood test. My triglycerides were high, my blood sugar levels indicated that I had Type 2 diabetes, my iron levels were dangerously high and my testosterone levels were equally low.  Along with this my blood pressure was 142/90. The doctor recommended a change in blood pressure medication and adding medication for the diabetes. He also asked that I begin to exercise on a regular basis and change my diet. I followed his orders, which included beginning to work out at North Point Fitness. I began regularly working out at North Point and noticed changes immediately. Even though the workouts were very challenging, I began to feel better immediately. Four weeks later I went back to the doctor who entered the room a second time shocked again by what my tests showed. My blood pressure was 100/72. There has never been a time in my life when my blood pressure was even close to those numbers. My blood sugar dropped from 285 to 107. My testosterone level was normal, as were my iron and triglycerides. Even though I only lost five pounds I had lost two inches in my waist and already had to go buy new clothes that would fit. I felt stronger and had much more energy for my coaching duties.  I am so very grateful to all of the staff: Joe, Matt, Anthony, Rebecca, Brad, Natalie, Landon and Sandy. They have been encouraging, patient, and fun. Natalie was so helpful to my wife and me in helping us with our nutritional needs. The workouts aren’t easy, but every day I leave saying to myself, “That was awesome!” By the way, after a little over three months I have lost 21 pounds. Thank You, North Point Fitness!!!