October 2017 Anniversaries!

What makes our gym different than all others? It’s our people – primarily, our incredible members. It is because of you that Alloy has been in business, changing lives, since 1992. This year is our 25th Anniversary (can you believe it?! THANK YOU!), and we’ve had members here with us since the beginning.

This October,  we want to say “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us, year after year!

  • 1997 (20 years): Phil Robb
  • 2005 (12 years): Kelly McLoughlin
  • 2007 (10 years): Roz Walker
  • 2008 (9 years): Peg Nicholls
  • 2009 (8 years): Wanda Keeler
  • 2010 (7 years): Evelyn Boone, Paul Boone, Chris Brasher
  • 2011 (6 years): Jackie Easley
  • 2012 (5 years): Anne Danish, Lorra Kurtz, Tom Stone
  • 2013 (4 years): Pam Bell
  • 2014 (3 years): Maya Frank, Donna Houghton, Kevin Sutherland
  • 2015 (2 years): Toni Appling, Oliandra Ferreira, Viv Kurland, Anu Singh, Iche Wallace
  • 2016 (1 year): Joni Aden, Dori Christensen, Robin Cochran, Chris Cuppia, Bill Rodgers, Sreenivasa Thota
Thank you all for trusting Alloy Personal Training. We do what we do because of you!


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