All her life, Sandy Campbell had to watch what she ate. No matter how much she exercised, she couldn’t keep her weight down or her cholesterol at a safe level. She realized that exercise alone was not keeping her healthy. “I always wanted to look better in my clothes and look like I “worked out”, so people would know I cared about myself.” Sandy decided it was time to change her diet & make sure she was working out effectively. That’s when she turned to North Point Personal Training.

Sandy’s workout & nutrition schedule

• 2 days of weight training
• 3 days of aerobic & dance exercise
• Cut out fatty foods & became aware of the things that caused her to put on unnecessary pounds
• Eats a balanced diet, but allows herself to indulge a little on occasion now that she knows her limits

Sandy’s secret to success

Find a workout program that is fun for you (like training with Constance!). If you’re just getting started, keep a record of what you eat so you can assess what you are putting in your body. Most importantly, take pleasure in your exercise & nutrition because you are being good to yourself!