Single-Arm Kettlebell Clean

The kettlebell clean is an essential exercise to master if you want to be proficient using kettlebells.  The clean is used to get in the racked position which is the starting position for many kettlebell exercises like squats and the farmers carry. The clean is primarily a hip hinging movement that focuses more on working the glutes and hamstrings but is also incorporates many other muscles and is great for conditioning.


  1. Start with the kettlebell out front while in a hip hinged position.
  2. Keep thumb turned in and swing the kettlebell directly underneath you.
  3. Drive the kettlebell forward with your hips and try to keep it close to your body as it comes up.
  4. As the kettlebell reaches the finished position punch you hand through so it nicely wraps around your wrist.
Coaching cues:
  • Hip hinge
  • Thumb in
  • “Zip up the zipper”
  • Punch through
Click to check out the move in action: video
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