This mobility drill will help improve dorsiflexion (extension or flexion of the foot at the ankle) range of motion. Ankle mobility is typically overlooked by most people but it can cause a lot of problems if not taken care of.

Maximizing joint mobility is essential to functional movement. All joints must have a certain amount of mobility to maintain proper stability, which allows the joints above and below to work effectively. If ankle mobility is restricted in a dorsiflexion pattern, the body will make up for that loss of mobility further up the chain in an area that requires more stability, such as the knee or lower back. Lack of mobility in your ankles can effect running, squatting, jumping — pretty much anything you do athletically.



The goal is to keep front heel on the ground without your arch caving in. You want it to be a challenge to get your front knee to the wall.

  1. Stand in a staggered stance with front foot a couple inches from wall
  2. Drive your front knee to the wall while keeping your heel on the ground and your arch open
  3. Keep working away from the wall as you progress
Sets/Reps: 2x 10 each side