TNT Diet- Week 1

Well, it’s been one week and I have to admit…..low carb eating is not for me. By Saturday I was feeling pretty lousy. Low energy, hungry and generally just miserable. I had two normal meals Saturday afternoon (moderate carbs, lean protein and vegetables) and by that evening I was a new man.

I briefly explained in the previous post, “low fat vs low carbs”, that there is compelling research by Jeff Volek, PhD, that low carbohydrate eating is not only good for weight loss but is good for your health. This theory is based on the insulin response caused by high carbohydrate diets and the negative effects it can have on fat deposits and hormones.

Realistically, any diet that eliminates entire food groups is extreme. The author, Adam Campbell, does state, “Moderate diets produce moderate results. If you want extreme results, you have to do something extreme”. This brings me to my opinion of the diet and who could benefit from it.

I think if you are inactive, insulin resistant, have metabolic syndrome or just have a lot of weight to lose, this diet would be effective. Now, if you don’t have much weight to lose and you are very active, you will suffer a bit without any carbs for fuel (the biggest difference I noticed was in my workouts). In the book’s defense, it is written with a minimalist workout in mind. I found it insufficient in energy for my normal exercise routine (3 days weights and 3 days high intensity cardio).

I should mention that Natalie is soldering on with phase 1 despite feeling a little low on energy and I am going to implement the maintenance phase of the diet (carb reloading on the weekend). I did lose 5 lbs in a week (mostly water) and Natalie lost .5 lbs. I will keep you posted on future results.

Rick Mayo


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