I get a lot of questions about my personal program. Makes sense- I mean, I am the original “situation’. Freakin Jersey Shore!

You mean these abs? Forget about it

I wrote here about my little set back so my workouts have been a bit different lately.

Here is yesterday’s masterpiece:

Foam Roller
Corrective work- lateral band walk and then Y’s for lower traps
Dynamic Warm-up
Strength Work

  •   Weighted Ring Pull ups 5 x 5- 20 lb vest (super slow)
  •   Kettlebell Push Press 5 x 5- 28kg. This one still bugs my back a little so going light
  •   Single Arm Kettlebell Swings 3 x 10 each arm- only my second day swinging since the back fiasco
  •   TRX Push up to Pike 2 x 15

Metabolic Finisher

  • Ascending/Descending- Get ups and Jump Rope. The Get ups descend (5, 4, 3..) and the Jump Rope ascends (100, 125, 150..) One of my favorite finishers!

That’s it. Short, simple and effective!