Weekend Warrior 2019 Week 22

Roll yourself into the weekend with this mobility sequence.

Think of a foam roller as a self massage tool. You can buy some slack to restricted areas and improve mobility by foam rolling for just a few minutes each week. Areas of higher muscular “traffic” such as the hip complex usually need the most work. You will be surprised how much better you feel after a few days. Get familiar with your body and hunt around for “hot spots” to target until stiffness is reduced.

Here is a quick sequence working the entire posterior chain!

What to do:

Start with your T-Spine. Keep your butt down and extend through your thoracic spine (upper back). Maintain appropriate core integrity to prevent the ribs from flaring/movement in the low back.

Move onto your upper back between your shoulder blades. Focus on just the thoracic area (mid to upper back). We want to leave the lower back alone, since we want that area to remain stable. Give yourself a hug to pull those shoulder blades out of the way, lift your butt, roll up and down. If you hear some cracks or pops, don’t worry its just your back making some adjustments.

Roll onto your side (facing slightly upward), take your arm overhead, place the roller towards the back of your armpit on your lat muscle, plant your feet and lift your butt for more pressure. Be sure to keep the distance you roll at a minimum and avoid rolling down to your ribs.

Take a seat on the roller, place one arm behind you, put the ankle (of the same side as your back hand) onto the opposite knee, roll back and forth over the glutes/piriformis.

Straighten your legs, crossing one over the other and roll across the hamstrings, then work down to the calves. Cross the legs for more pressure on one side or keep them uncrossed to balance the pressure evenly.


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