Weekend Warrior 2019 Week 24

In early childhood we learn to crawl before we walk. After years of sitting and inactivity, we must retrain ourselves to crawl again. Start off with this progression to improve stability and core strength before moving onto advanced crawling variations. Once you get it down, increase the distance of your crawls!

The Progression:

  • Bird Dogs
  • Quadrapet Isometric Holds
  • Bear Crawls
  • Spider Crawls

Coach’s Corner

  • Maintain spinal integrity and level hips. Pretend you have a marble on your lower back and try not to let it roll off.
  • All contralateral movements (opposite sides) should be done with unity. When your right hand moves, your left foot moves at the same time.
  • While crawling, be sure to move your hands and feet the same distance. You know you are doing it wrong when your butt ends up way in the air. This results in a loss of core integrity and dignity all at the same time 😉


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