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It is a well documented fact that half of the country is either overweight or obese.  At the same time, so many people are on their own personal journey to becoming more fit individuals that you never really know who is who.  I am quite sure that if two people were walking down the street with the exact same build it would be pretty difficult to determine which one had recently lost 100 pounds and which one had recently gained 100 pounds.

Even knowing that does not stop people from judging someone based simply on how they look at any given moment.  If someone is heavier set they are often looked upon as outcasts from society and should not be allowed to be around ‘normal’ people.  At the same time, if someone is ‘too skinny’ they are often looked upon as if they may have some disease or disorder putting them into the handle-with-care category.

But if you knew someone’s personal story and struggle with weight loss/gain would you offer to help them?  I believe that there are many more people who would do nothing at all due to the fact that they are not satisfied with how they look or feel so they would steer clear of giving someone else any advice of help.  Weight is such any extremely sensitive subject for so many people that to avoid confrontation they simple keep quiet, watch from the sidelines, and let things play out as they may.  Oddly enough, they would probably be more comfortable telling someone how to spend their money than helping them get healthier.

On the flip side, it is very depressing to see how easily people help someone else do so many things that assist in keeping them unhealthy on a regular basis.

  • Buy them drinks
  • Buy them fast food
  • Take part in activities that are not very active
  • Telling them they look great when they may not or not teling the truth when asked

Maybe it is time to start putting feels aside and start helping our friends and loved ones get healthier and live longer.  They say that it takes a village to raise a child.  How many people does it take to help a person in need live a long, healthy life?…Just my thoughts


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