Why Small Group Personal Training May Benefit Your Workout Results

80% of people who make a workout resolution lose their resolve by February. Despite the health benefits associated with exercise, few people achieve their goals.

But small group personal training might be able to help. If you’ve been struggling to meet your workout goals, or if you’re looking for a new way to exercise, we have the solution.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider small group personal training.

What Is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group personal training is sort of like a fitness class mixed with working with a personal trainer. You join a small group of only a few individuals and meet for one-hour sessions to work on the fitness needs of the group.

Together, you design regular schedules that work well for all of you. it’s a great way to get the 1 on 1 attention you may need from a trainer and the commitment of working out with friends. Here are some of the top benefits of small group training.

Small Groups Make It Easier to Make Friends

The gym can be an intimidating place to make friends. Unfortunately, we naturally make assumptions about the people who surround us and compare ourselves to them. In group classes, it can be hard to make a connection with anyone there.

Small group training conquers this obstacle by working with fewer people. You interact more and get to know one another better. So it’s easier to build a friendship throughout your sessions.

You can also do a buddy workout like this one that makes it easy to build a connection while working out.

Social Commitment Means You’re More Likely to Attend Your Training

One of the best ways to hit a goal is to commit to it with another person. If you know your friends are waiting for you, and they’ll give you crap if you don’t show up, you’re more likely to attend your sessions.

That means on top of making new friends, you’re more likely to work out as frequently as you say you want to.

Small-Group Training Inspires Competition

It’s hard to go hard on your own, especially if you don’t have anyone to challenge you. And while you may try to out-Zumba the girl next to you in your group Zumba class, she doesn’t necessarily know there’s a competition going on.

But with a small group, you can set semi-formal competitions between the members.

It Can Inspire You to See What’s Possible

When you’re not a fit person, it can feel impossible that a person of your body size could ever actually lose weight, or be able to do some exercises.

But in small-group training, you see how other people improve their fitness, and it inspires you to do the same. Especially if you all start at about the same fitness level, your group’s progress can be inspiring for you to hit the same goals.

You Get the 1-On-1 Attention You Need to Help You Improve Faster

When you’re just a member of a large group class, it’s hard to improve. The class trainer often doesn’t have time to make pointers for everyone. And if you don’t know how to fix your weaknesses, improvement can be frustratingly slow.

But small groups are small enough that you still get the 1-on-1 attention from a personal trainer that you need to help you see faster improvements.

There’s a Variety of Exercises Available

You may love regular Zumba or Yoga classes, but there’s often not a lot of variety in them. With small-group training, you systematically work out different muscle groups with different exercises.

You learn how to hit them in different ways. There’s enough variety to keep you from getting bored, and enough variety to hit every muscle group.

It’s Only an Hour

You probably know that person who somehow manages to work out in three-hour sessions. You’d tag along, but honestly, three hours in the gym sounds a little much.

Small group personal training happens in short one-hour bursts that are effective, but also easy to commit too.

Especially when you’re starting, you need the least amount of resistance possible. Some days that may mean you only feel motivated to do a set of pushups. That’s okay. One hour sessions are easy to fit into your schedule, and they’re not too intimidating to scare you away from a session.

You Can Set More Personalized Goals

When you don’t know what you’re capable of, it’s hard to set goals you can reach. It’s also hard to set goals in a group class, where it’s hard to work towards your specific targets.

But a personal trainer can help you clearly define the goals you want to hit and make sure that they’re practical and achievable.

Then in a small group session, your group holds you accountable to your goals and encourages you to hit them. You’ll also have time to strategically work towards your goals, and your trainer can give you insider secrets that can help you reach them.

These Benefits Make Small Group Personal Training a Vital Exercise Asset

Small group personal training can make it easier to meet your commitments to consistent workouts. It’s also a great way to make new friends and meet new people.

If you’re struggling to stick to your exercise commitments, consider finding a small group personal training group to join. These benefits make it worth the time.

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