8 Factors to Consider When Hiring Personal Trainers

Are you struggling to keep up with your favorite weekend warrior workouts and exercise activities? Maybe you want to get into shape for a marathon or long-distance biking event. Instead of trying to do it on your own, it might be time for a personal trainer!

Before choosing “any” personal trainer, make sure you find the best one for your goals. Different trainers specialize in various types of conditioning. Depending on where you want to take your fitness level, finding the right personal trainer can get you there faster—and safer. 

What should you consider when choosing your personal trainer? Here are eight factors that should go into the decision process when hiring personal trainers.

1. Their Credentials

Anyone can claim the ability to help you improve your fitness. However, without a certified personal trainer, you could be putting your health and safety at risk. 

Personal trainers go through a certification process to learn how the body works and coach people through the right exercises to meet their goals safely. To maintain their certification, trainers must re-certify and stay up-to-date on current training techniques and best practices. 

Before you put your health into the hands of an untrained “trainer,” check their credentials and choose someone with the knowledge and experience to help you meet your fitness goals without injury. 

2. Their Specialty

You might not need a powerlifting coach if you want to improve your flexibility or reduce shin splints when you run. Choosing the right trainer means finding someone who specializes in the area where you want to improve. 

While most trainers have general certifications, they often pursue fitness areas where they have an interest or can help specific demographics of people. You’ll find trainers who specialize in strength and conditioning for the older population, intense conditioning for serious athletes, or low-impact solutions for those with joint or mobility issues. 

Choose a trainer that can help you train based on your fitness level, abilities, and desired growth!

3. Their Personality

Trainers are known to be intense motivators for those who don’t achieve fitness goals without encouragement. Whether you want to love or hate your trainer, make sure their personality is the right fit to keep you engaged and working toward your goals. 

If you need a loud, intense trainer to get in your face, find one. If you need a softer approach and more encouragement, find a trainer who can keep you on track—with less of a “fear factor” involved in your training sessions. 

4. Their Experience

Have they helped others achieve their goals? Trainers can have the knowledge and certifications to be a fitness professional, but if they can’t successfully help people improve their fitness, they might not be the right fit for you.  

Ask around. Check with friends and family who know about trainers in your area. When you find a trainer you want to try, check references and reviews about them and the gym where they train. 

Excellent personal trainers will have plenty of success stories and good reviews to support their services for your success.

5. Their Availability

The best trainers have a full schedule, but make sure they have room for you, too. Not only do you need an hour or two of their time for a scheduled workout each week, but you also need their attention outside of your sessions.

A trainer’s job is more than meeting you at the gym for your workout. They must also track your progress, put thought and planning into each workout, help you plan your meals, and be available for questions in between sessions. If a trainer makes you feel like you’re just another workout session during their day at the gym, they might not be the right fit for you. 

Your trainer becomes a fitness partner. Make sure they have room in their schedule to push you toward your goals! 

6. Their Location

You aren’t going to stay consistent with a trainer that isn’t convenient for you to meet at the gym. In rare cases, a hardcore fitness enthusiast will travel to meet with an in-demand trainer. However, in most cases, if your trainer is too far away from home or work, you’ll get tired of traveling the distance to meet with them. 

Choose a trainer that can come to you or is part of your local gym. Make it easier for yourself to stay focused and committed to your fitness journey!

7. Their Price

Are they worth the money? That depends on you—but there’s no need to overpay for a quality personal training experience to meet your goals. 

Your trainer should be affordable while providing the plan and motivation you need to achieve your goals. Whether you have weight loss goals or you want to boost your overall level of fitness, make sure your trainer fits your long-term budget.

While you can benefit from a handful of training sessions, if you have specific goals and a timeline in mind, sporadic training sessions might not get you there. Choose a trainer that you can afford for the length of time you need to make the progress you want—and maintain it.

8. Their Reliability

You’ll only get out of a personal training program what you put into it—and you need to be able to rely on your trainer, too. If your trainer repeatedly cancels sessions or doesn’t challenge you enough, you can’t depend on them to help you accomplish your goals. 

Make sure your trainer commits to you! They have to prepare for your sessions, show up with energy, and use the tools and techniques that work best for your fitness level and growth. 

Choose the Best When Hiring Personal Trainers 

If you’re considering hiring personal trainers, you have goals! Your goals matter, and you deserve a trainer that provides proven results. No matter your fitness level or age, the right exercise program and instructor can help you be in the best shape of your life. 

Alloy offers a customized personal training system just for you! Contact us to learn more and find your nearest location. 


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