I came to North Point because I was 50 pounds overweight and out of shape. At first, I was winded and clumsy learning the exercises. Patience abounds with the trainers and lots of encouragement was given to keep me going and learning.  I’m thirty seven pounds lighter (three pant sizes smaller) and in much better physical shape. I have a lot more energy, less stress, and I feel proud of how far I have come. In most fitness centers, I’ve found very little focus on the individual, but at North Point, I found a family concerned about my whole person. North Point is a place where everyone knows my name, about my family and my needs and is keeping me on track to develop better eating habits to go along with the workouts. When I reach my goal weight, I know I will have the skills and dedication to keep it off due to the life style changes North Point is helping me make. North Point trainers are the very best!