Ever Tried Swinging??

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Hi honey, I’d like you to meet our new neighbors……

No not Swinging, I mean literally swinging, as in from the ceiling. This is one of those exercises that looks more like play than work, which is exactly what makes it so effective with our clients. Every time we demonstrate these we get a big smile and a “really?” reaction. Surely, if looks like fun, it can’t be effective.

Oh contrare, my little Tarzan want-to-be’s, these are tougher than they look! 
Execution- Start with the straps at the top of the ears. Place an obstacle (taller and wider = harder) under the TRX, rings, etc. Jump slightly and lock the arms to the chest. Your momentum will carry you over to the other side of your obstacle. Simply reverse the process to get back. Over and back counts as 1 rep. We shoot for sets of 8-12. To make it harder, add a weighted vest.
If you should find the need to quantify this move, chalk it up as a vertical pulling motion (pull-up) and a little core from the leg raise.
So go ahead and throw your watch in the bowl and give these a try!


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