Exercise of the Week- Single Leg Box Squats

This is something that I have been meaning to start for a while now. Each week I’ll feature an exercise and explain the performance and benefits.

Here goes:

Single Leg Box Squat

Benefits– Box squats are a fantastic exercise for teaching “butt back” form on the squat. While traditional box squats with a barbell are often prescribed for athletes, we find the risk to benefit ratio to be out of line with our adult clientele. Enter the SL box squat. You get all of the glute activation benefits of a traditional box squat coupled with a relatively heavy load (squatting your body weight) all without heavy spinal loading. Additionally, you are challenging stability through your lower limbs, hips and core.

Form– Make certain to sit back until your glutes are lightly touching the box. Don’t just “plop down” and relax. Maintain tension throughout your working leg. Keep you hips square as if you are standing on two feet. Hold your arms outr front to counter balance and promote good posture.

Progressions– Use a lower box or add load. Adding a dumbbell or medicine ball can make this a great power movement.

Especially good for– Anyone with a history of back trouble and people who struggle with traditional squat form. We love this exercise for our female clients. It’s increases the awareness of those that struggle to maintain proper hip/knee (Q-Angle) alignment.

We use this exercise in nearly all of our programs in some capacity. Give them a try and let us know what you think!



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