Group Personal Training Explained

In this article, you will be able to understand Group Personal Training and how it is different from 1-2-1 training. The information in this article is based on an accumulation of research that is readily available to all those that wish to have further information.

Excellent Health and Fitness has been revolutionized by offering Group Training sessions as opposed to the usual standard one to one training with a personal trainer/instructor. All levels of fitness and health can attend these sessions, but the most essential aspect is that every individual is able to achieve their own small improvements in each and every session that they attend. This enables every individual the opportunity to start and achieve their personal goals.

Group Training sessions may have a capped number of people able to attend per session, along with the length of sessions – these are for your benefit to enable your body to become used to the Group Training exercises and techniques and is far more beneficial for your overall health and fitness. There are numerous benefits that are linked to Group Training for both the overall health and for mental health. These benefits are essential in equal proportions to every individual, and they are the centre of every individual’s goals.

All of the Group Training sessions are designed to help you achieve your overall goals and aspirations when it comes to your own health and fitness, and this is achieved with the help of the dedicated trainers who lead the group sessions. The sessions are completed and guided by your personal trainer to enable the group session to meet all of the needs overall for every individual who attends.

There are currently a wide variety of different group sessions that individuals can join, but this is dependent on your own personal goals and what your aim is to achieve. The following are the most popular group training classes out there:

  • Body Weight – This is a group session to get your metabolism working
  • Bodyweight Bootcamps – This is a fun, energetic environment led by a personal trainer delivered to the group workout using only your body
  • Weight Management – This is primarily aimed at those who are wishing to lose weight or gain lean muscle body mass. This allows you to push your body and abilities to the max. This group led session is focused on lifting heavier weights for fewer repetitions.
  • Mobility and Flow – This class is designed to be the perfect recovery after a particularly hard week/day. This can be a daily solution or a defense against sore shoulders, and lower back issues gained from an office-job style environment.
  • Group PT – This is an excellent unique concept that is created and built around the traditional styles of the 1-2-1 personal training model but is delivered to a small group session instead. The personal trainers leading the group often add their own unique flair to the sessions, while ensuring that those attending the class get the best out of the class at the same time. This class challenges your body and takes you to a whole new level of training, burns calories, tones muscles, and helps to create that fabulous lean look!

There are so many different classes out there that are designed to incorporate all aspects of 1-2-1 training, and a unique flair in a fun and exciting environment. Not all of the readily available classes are listed in this due to the mass and extensive range. The classes all depend upon on the personal goals and aspirations of the individual. All group sessions are designed to get you moving, help you work on and focus on different aspects of your body – specifically those that are on your ultimate goals list. Just like 1-2-1 sessions, group sessions are fun, exciting and can be effectively delivered.

For the individuals who are seeking personal training but not too intrusive on the 1-2-1 led scale, then these are the perfect options for them. They will develop knowledge and exercise using the correct techniques for each class, and have talented, fun and energetic trainers to lead the class.

The group sessions are a great way for every person to get fit, and to reap the benefits of group training without having to think or specifically plan your workout. Each class is designed to be a more regimented way of exercising, and so that you know exactly what part of your body that you will be exercising, the muscle groups that you will be targeting in the class, and the duration that you will be working out for. Not to mention that during the sessions you will be meeting some new people, to build friendships!

The classes themselves do go beyond just losing weight and gaining muscle they offer excellent benefits of physical and mental health improvement in a fun atmosphere. This doesn’t necessarily mean that 1-2-1 training is bad because it has its specific benefits, but group classes are growing to be a lot more popular. Recent scientific studies have shown that those that attend group classes have a higher motivational level, increased mental health and overall health as opposed to those who attend solo training sessions.

The motivational factor linked to group sessions has shown that individuals find group sessions to be highly motivational and inspiring when training with others like yourself in the same sessions and those that have relatable goals like your own. Group sessions can also make you push yourself beyond how you perceive your personal limitations are, and this then allows the brackets of achievement to be wide open. It is not only the fellow attendees that provide the motivational boost but the actual trainer themselves, where are the pushing everyone in the sessions past their limits. All of the aspects incorporated in the group sessions create an atmosphere of ‘team spirit’ which in itself encourages people in the group session to work towards a similar goal, and to support and encourage each other along the journey – But it can also spark a very competitive side to the attendees who may well surprise some that attend.

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