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If you follow college football, you know that Rich Rodriguez has taken over as head coach at the University of Michigan. Coach Rodriguez brought several new staff members including strength and conditioning coach, Mike Barwis. Coach Barwis has implemented an entirely different approach to Michigan’s training program.

In a previous post, I presented chocolate milk as an ideal post-workout recovery drink. Coach Barwis agrees in an article for ESPN:

Barwis is equal parts old- and new-school. The old part: He believes in “Olympic movements,” so his players perform a lot of power cleans and squats. Another old part: Don’t tell the energy drink industry, but when his players finish their workout, he has them drink — I kid you not — chocolate milk.

Barwis is happy to explain how milk is the best delivery system for casein and whey, the proteins your body needs after a workout. The chocolate syrup replenishes glucose. But he also can explain it in a way that any former kindergartner can understand

Read the rest of the article here.

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