October is Physical Therapy Month – Meet our in-house PT, Dr. Joel Eaby

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October is National Physical Therapy Month and we want to highlight our Physical Therapist, Dr. Joel Eaby, who runs his practice out of Alloy Personal Training Center. Physical Therapy is an awesome yet often underutilized way for active people to stay healthy.  The following is a message from Joel that further explains what he does and how he helps people.

eaby-1Hi Alloy Personal Training Center Members,

Who is that guy in the corner, and what exactly does he do? Believe it or not, I find that a lot of people have no idea what I do as a Physical Therapist, and no idea of how I help people. Even my own family, friends (and even other doctors!) sometimes fit into this group!

I blame Hollywood! Every time a PT is shown in a movie, they are only helping people who have been severely injured in a car accident, or in war, and they are teaching the person to walk again. Yes, we DO help people with traumatic injuries and people who have had surgery, but that is a smaller percentage of ailments I treat on a daily basis. I more commonly treat minor or major aches and pains (sore back, stiff neck, painful shoulders, knees or elbows) that are keeping people from moving, performing or just being their best! A lot of my patients have never had surgery or a specific injury, they just want to live their life to the fullest!eaby-2

The majority of PTs have doctorate degrees, and we are experts of human movement and anatomy. We should be the first health care provider you think of seeing when you are hurting. If you have an injury that involves muscle, ligaments, tendons, bones or joints anywhere in the body – from your jaw to your toe – we treat it!  We can often get you better quicker, without drugs, costly tests, or a long wait at a physicians office.

BIG SECRET! Although it has been this way for years, most people still don’t know that you DO NOT need to see a physician to get a referral to see a Physical Therapist. You can come see me directly!

Below is a list of what I do in contrast to what people think I do. If you are having trouble with anything on that list, let me know – I can help!

When you see me at the gym, don’t be shy – I am more than happy to answer any questions. Also, click the Facebook link below to follow me for tips and videos on staying healthy!

Feel free to contact me directly through phone or text at 678-400-0300.

Take care, and I will be in touch!
Dr. Joel Eaby PT, DPT, ATC
North Point Physical Therapy
[email protected]

What does Joel do?

What people think I do:

  • Only help people who have a specific injury
  • Give massages
  • Push people around in wheelchairs
  • Just help “elderly”
  • Teach water aerobics
  • Only work in hospitals
  • Only help people who have been in a severe accident
  • Only help people who have had surgery
  • Stretch people until they hurt

What I actually do:

  • Decrease Pain
  • Improve Function
  • Help people move better
  • Troubleshoot why something hurts
  • Help you heal and recover quicker
  • Injury prevention: solve problems before you get hurt
Educate, educate, educate on:
  • Sleeping sounder
  • Standing without pain
  • Sitting without pain
  • Exercising safely
I help people:
  • Run faster
  • Jump higher
  • Dance harder
  • Play tennis longer
  • Lift without fear




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